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We are curious… We love to meet people and get inspired by their stories. Cooperation with us is a rather friendly arrangement, because how to make touching pictures with only business in mind? We are open, we listen carefully and we have a mission – get to know you and create a movie or photos that will reflect who you are.

Wedding Photography

We get light from the mornings,

We like naturalness. Subtle shadows, subdued colors and honest feelings captured spontaneously. We are romantics, we avoid kitsch. We will not take pictures of you on a flying carpet, but we will catch glances that express more than words.

Wedding Film


Short Wedding Clips are the essence of Moss Weddings. Do you remember the times in which the memento from the wedding was a film recorded in real time, and the parents’ tapes have been dusting for years? We will summarize your story in a few minutes of a creative emotional video that you will loop and watch to boredom (seriously!). Each friend will be happy to devote a few moments to remind you how lucky you are and how amazing time was spent with you that day.

Do you need even more memories? The solution is a longer film in the form of a reportage (approx. 12-18 minutes). This is a story that fully, step by step tells the details of the preparations, the wedding and your crazy party.

Take a look at the video below and be sure that your will be much more wonderful, because you will play a major role in it.
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Moss Weddings - Filmy Ślubne / Fotografia Ślubna
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Meet Moss!

Moss Weddings - Filmy Ślubne / Fotografia Ślubna
We are a couple of travelers. We photograph, we write, we roam the world, we sleep in a tent, we eat plants, we get lost, we travel without a plan, we get to know the culture, inhabitants, we absorb the nature. We escaped from the city to a tiny house in the mountains.

Maciek often disappears in the headphones composing music, and I – Aga – I write fairy tales for children which are mainly read by our friends. Maciek is a fan of Rage Against The Machine, and I live in the world of Harry Potter. You can think that we are the opposite, but nothing more wrong! We share sensitivity, love of nature and commitment. We graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography in the Opava, Czechia. Together, we created the HitchHiker Magazine. We sacrifice ourselves, especially when we care a lot about something. That’s why when working on every wedding, we are fully devoted to what we do and as a creative souls we think a lot about our couples to give them the perfect memento of this magical day.

Agnieszka Ostrowska & Maciek Jencz

Our Services

Moss Weddings - Filmy Ślubne / Fotografia Ślubna
We are flexible. We can be with you not only at a wedding and party, but also at pre-wedding sessions, preparations, elopement or engagement.

We live in Poland, but we love to travel, so we can get to your wedding in the any place in the world. The prices of our packages starts at EUR 900.

We are a couple, we understand each other perfectly and we work together for many years. Deciding to work with us, you get two professionals who perfectly complement each other at work. Please, contact us for a more detailed offer.


Write to us boldly, we really want to meet you!